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DADGAD Guitar Lessons

If you have heard me play you know that my guitar sounds a little different from the expected sound of standard tuned acoustic guitar.
This is because I play all my songs in DADGAD tuning which has certain distinct advantages over standard tuning, and is in fact easier to play once you get the hang of it…
I give lessons in DADGAD tuning for guitar for those who feel the desire to expand their capability on the instrument.
If you are moderately competent in finger-picking a guitar and wish to learn about the extended possibilities of playing in DADGAD I may be able to help you.
I live in the South Hams area of Devon, and if you want regular instruction it would obviously help if you were within reach. However, I do go all over the country gigging, and it may be possible at some point to give you a one off lesson which will show you a considerable amount to be getting on with. I also provide my own work sheets and on line help.
If you feel you are ready to explore the wonderful world of DADGAD guitar then do get in contact.


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