I have been singing and playing English Traditional Song nationally for 15 years, first with the duo Barron Brady and now as a solo performer. As a self-taught guitarist I try to keep the accompaniment out of the way of the words and melody, it’s the songs that matter. I am a folk fanatic- this is exciting, moving and relevant music, hallowed by time- the only kind of music that never gets old. I celebrate that and hope I demonstrate my love for this powerful music every time I sing.


I think he’s a really, really fine guitarist and an even finer interpreter of traditional and contemporary folk songs. His new album is called ‘Sweet Billy Caution’.  I think it’s a lovely album, he’s got a crystal clear voice and a simple but powerful accompaniment on the album; great choice of songs too, end of story.  [The Sailor Cut Down, album song is:]  ...totally and utterly beautiful.

Mike Harding


...our editor admits to having “nearly worn the CD out listening to it – it is one of the best I have heard in a while”. Time for some investigation...

Kevin T Ward  The Living Tradion Magazine

Si’s voice has a very appealing tone and I really like Si’s manner, his totally relaxed yet fully committed performances exuding a beguiling brand of gentle energy that’s all his own. There’s also a refreshing quality of complete honesty to his expressiveness, which sounds every bit as fresh on each subsequent hearing; this impression is accentuated by the flexibility in phrasing that Si’s intuitive and genuinely responsive self-accompaniment affords.
At the risk of peddling a bit of a cliché, my verdict is that you should exercise no caution whatsoever in acquiring a copy of this genially undersold yet distinctly magical CD.

David Kidman- Living Tradition Magazine

Simon Barron, known through his work with the duo ‘BarronBrady’, is an exquisite guitarist and a fine interpreter of traditional and contemporary folk songs. He plays and sings with great integrity and skill and his guitar arrangements are a sparkling accompaniment to his crystal clear voice.

David Francis, Nailsea Folk Club

Well Simon Barron didn't let us down last night. There was even a rush and queue to buy his CDs. One of the best we have had and we've had many.

Swindon Folksingers Club

We have all been trea ted to the most amazing night at the Nova Scotia Folk Club. Si Barron has left us all spellbound with his staggering guitar skills, great songs well sung, his humour and sheer quality performance throughout. We knew he'd be good, but we were left looking at each other in disbelief. Just wonderful.

Humph Bennett, John Blake & Bill Naish
Organisers Nova Scotia Folk Club, Bristol

Si interprets traditional songs with his amazingly creative guitar accompaniments, alternating with some lovely harmonium playing. His repertoire includes fine original songs based on stories from his former home county, Devon. He has a rich voice and a relaxed style that win over his audience with virtuoso musicianship, intriguing stories and good humour. Definitely a favourite at the Saltcellar Folk Club.

Laurie Burn Organiser of the Saltcellar Folk Club Bristol